My Peanut Butter Hero…

Have you ever noticed how your disposition affects everyone around you?  I mean, have you REALLY noticed?  Sometimes I like to experiment with my family – unbeknownst to them, they are usually the subjects of my sociological studies….

Many evenings I am not the calm mommy that I would like or even pretend to be.  I am busy making dinner, making tomorrow’s lunches, finishing up laundry, checking homework, forcing boy child to actually do his homework, cleaning up from dinner and getting the girl child ready for bed.  This frenetic pace that I achieve  (which I could only hope to replicate in my running someday) is usually followed with the following statement, “Mommy, why are you so grumpy?”  I, however, am in NO way, shape or form grumpy. I am actually very happy in my busy mode, dashing through the house checking things off my mental checklist.  While I’m in “the zone” I rarely look around to see what that does to my household.

Why does busy + focused = grumpy?

I have always known that when I am grumpy, it sets the tone for my family.  It seems they have difficulty rising above my “cloud” and going about their happy business.  If I am grumpy, they are more tense, easily irritated and very intolerant of each other. Why does my mood dictate the mood of those around me so dramatically?  If I am quiet, then my hubby and littles are too.  Everyone seems to retreat to their own solitary quarters and all interaction ceases.  But what would happen if I actively worked to be my most jubilant self all evening and see how it goes….

So, last night I tried a different course of action….

I spent the afternoon in that “zone” and accomplished all of my “busy”  things.  Picked up my lovely little girl child from school, helped with homework, begged boy child to finish his, finished dinner all with the biggest smile on my face and a song in my heart.  We were all engaged in family happiness all afternoon.  Girl child was helping make lunches when I realized that we were out of the most essential lunch item – peanut butter.  Texted hubby who was at the gym asking him to please bring some home.  For those of you who don’t know hubby, he is the quintessential Type A personality minus the need for constant contact – i.e. does not check for texts etc constantly, like the rest of the free world.  Therefore, the chance of him checking for my immediate need for peanut butter is not likely.  But again, determined to be the most positive me, I tried to rise above, all the while mentally adjusting my checklist for the rest of the evening and tomorrow morning to accommodate the lunch-related issue.  Shortly thereafter, hubby got home from the gym and I approached him with my happy go-lucky self. (ignoring the obvious lack of peanut butter)  He responded in the very same fashion – dove right in about his day, sharing details with a few chuckles, frustrations with smile and  laughing and joking with our littles.  As he was getting ready to retreat to our room to get his things ready for today, he turned to me and out of his gym bag came one glorious jar of JIF peanut butter and a huge hubby  smile = one huge wife smile.

Once again, my scientific study proved true…

Busy, focused, frantic mommy & wife = grumpy mommy & wife = quiet, irritable, grumpy littles & hubby

Smiley, happy, attentive, positive mommy & wife = smiley, happy, attentive, positive littles & hubby

Surprisingly simple concept that most people already know and yet don’t really pay attention to, but a surprisingly large amount of pressure on one busy mommy….