What is your next “butterfly” moment?

Spent the day shopping with my littles for all of the fun things that they need to start school this week.  Little Kate (10) told me how excited that she is, but said that she still had butterflies about starting a new year and class.  Big John (14) is way too cool to admit that he also has a little case of the butterflies, as he is entering his freshman year of high school.  I tried to remember the last time that I had butterflies….

What gives us the “butterflies in the tummy” feeling?  Is it fear, excitement, insecurity, anxiety, joy? Probably all of the above and much more. I have done many new things over the last several years – moved 13 times – away from family, friends and great jobs, started new businesses, took challenging courses, competed in a figure competition way outside of my comfort zone  – and done many new races over the last few years, triathlon – Ironman – and running races.  I don’t really get butterflies anymore.  And I think that may be a bad thing.

So….what is going to be our next butterfly moment????

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